Gas or Electric: Which is the Best Fire for Your Home?

If you are planning ahead for autumn and winter and are thinking about replacing your fire this year, you might be struggling to decide between gas and electric models. While many people ultimately go with the easiest option, which is generally simply replacing the current fire with a similar one, it is always a good idea to look at the pros and cons of each type of fire before making any decisions.

Benefits of electric fires

Modern electric fires are energy efficient and can provide effective warming. You will not need a chimney or flue for an electric fire, making this a great option for homes that do not have these. Electric fires are ideally suited to smaller homes, such as new-build flats, and can add a homely atmosphere to even the smallest spaces. fires come in a huge range of meaning you are sure to have no problem finding a style you like. They are also clean, low-maintenance and easy to use. Electric fires are generally cheap to buy, and many models can be used to create a pleasant living flame display and in some cases a realistic smoke effect without having the heat setting switched on. This means you can enjoy the ambience of a fire without the heat or cost.

Benefits of gas fires

Gas fires are known for their high heat output, which is a must if you live in a property that is particularly cold in winter. The living flame feature of a traditional gas fire is still popular today and creates a warm, inviting atmosphere. gas fires are cleaner and safer than older making them good choices for family homes. They provide instant heat and will continue to work in the event of a power cut, which could be a very important factor if you live in an area in which power cuts are more common. Gas fires are generally cheaper to run than electric fires, meaning they could cost you less over time.

Gas v electric

Overall, gas fires are the more efficient and economical option for many homes. Gas fires are generally cheaper to run and provide instant and effective heat; however, many models will require a chimney or flue, meaning they are not suitable for all properties. Electric fires are an excellent option for homes where it is not possible to install a gas fire. They can be installed quickly, cheaply and easily, and they require minimal maintenance.

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