How French Doors Enrich Your Home

When one is considering the beautification of a home, there are many projects that spring to mind - and many reasons to undertake those projects. For many homeowners, there is the pure joy of increasing the value of what will almost undoubtably be the largest investment that they will ever make. For others a renovation can make the house simply a better place to live - and have the added benefit of making it more welcoming for guests. For still others there is the sheer beauty that a renovation can bring to a home - as well as revitalizing what may have become outdated. However, there are few additions to the home that will deliver all of these benefits for a fairly low cost - and one of these investments is in the fitting of French Doors from companies such as

What the rest of the world calls 'Double Doors" homeowners in the U.S. call French Doors - and this is for very good reason. They had their architectural origins in the 17th century, during the time of the French Revolution - when it became stylish for the wealthy to fit these types of doors in order to allow more natural light into the home. There was also great value placed on the symmetry, proportions and regular geometry of these types of doors. The ability of French Doors to allow natural light to stream into the home is still highly valued - and the fact that they are simply so attractive and classic in design continues to make them extremely popular with homeowners, not only in the United States, but across the world (especially in Great Britain, which, along with the U.S. was the first region outside of France where these types of doors captured the imagination of homeowners).

The ability of French Doors to allow light into the home is complimented by the fact that in warmer weather they can also be opened completely - for all intents and purposes extending the area of any room and adding to a sense of spaciousness and promoting air flow. They also then allow easy and attractive access to the outdoor parts of the property - which is especially welcome when entertaining.

That air flow into and out of the home is of incredible value when it comes to controlling heating bills - and thus reducing monthly household expenses. In hotter weather the doors allow that air to flow through the home, reducing the need for air conditioning. In cooler weather the doors can of course be closed, but they are so quick and easy to open and close that they will still offer easy access to other parts of the property while still controlling foot traffic and trapping warmer air inside the home - reducing heating bills.

That promotion of easy access also has a knock on effect that many might not consider when shopping around for a stylish solution to access. The ability of French Doors to allow larger items to be brought into the home is a factor that should be taken into consideration. Anyone who has purchased a new lounge suite is aware of the sometimes frustrating business of getting it to its final resting place in the home. With French Doors that frustration is a thing of the past.

Of course, security is at the top of mind of every homeowner. Looking at French Doors one might be excused for thinking that they would reduce the security of a home - however, the truth of very different. The French doors of the 17th century and those of the 21st century are very different. Today, the use of high impact or even protection grade glass ensures that it is tremendously difficult to gain entry by simply breaking a pane. Then there is of course the option of fitting high security locks to the French Doors.

Each homeowner has individual tastes and a firm idea of what constitutes style. thankfully, today there are a myriad of choices when it comes to the styles of French Doors that are available. Take for instance only two of the popular materials used in the manufacture of modern day French doors - wood and PVCU. The wooden French Doors are available in lipped and flush versions and are popular with those looking for a prestigious 'mansion" like feel to their homes. These are especially attractive when used in homes with stone finishes. The PVCU version of are also available in lipped and flush fit versions - however, this material offers an economical alternative to wood, while still retaining that stylish presence. Both wood and PVCU types are available in a number of colors and finishes and decorative touches such as bespoke glass and and Georgian bars allow the homeowner to explore their unique style.

In short, French doors are a stylish and a utilitarian option that has stood the test of time for very good reasons - they are simply an addition to any home that adds value on a myriad of levels, including sheer beauty.