I Commute to Work via My Garden Path

Working from your home is not for everybody, even so I'd recommend that if you have a career in any artistic discipline, telecommuting can be the perfect antidote to the distracting noise of any office. This should be obvious when you think about it. Creative thinking is not a 9 to 5 thing - you can be artistic at any given time of the day, not only during office hours. Furthermore, it's hard being inventive in a disruptive office. Whether it's graphic design, website design, writing, print, whatever - one wants that quiet time to think up imaginative concepts. The creative process has a life of its own and it's hard to tame it to fit the office regimen.

I have been working from my home for the previous five years, and have by no means regretted the move. My hours are irregular - they fit around my creative process (which is impossible to turn on and off like a tap). My boss doesn't care how many hours I do - he just wants the end result. I guess you would possibly assume I am taking it easy; nevertheless I'm not - it is just that at any time when I sit down to my project at hand, I actually do get on with it. No effort is a waste, and thus it's really productive. I do know of a few other individuals who have installed garden offices just like I have...and they usually are in agreement with me: being a telecommuter genuinely saves time - particularly when you consider commuting time to a regular office - and is super productive also. Although it's not for everybody, in the event you feel you're not making the most of your alotted time in the office, think about working from home at least even a few days a week.

As I've mentioned, my particular setup necessitates I have a garden office. I really need that solitude to focus on the design process. Moreover, the garden scenery helps both calm my mind, and also in a way aids the creative process - seeing all those natural shapes and colours lends itself to my own earthy design style.

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