Reimagine Your Home With Cove Lighting

Lighting is, and always has been, one of the most important features in any home. Finding the right kind of lighting in each room has always been a problem, and if the lights you settle on are too bright or too dull, it can really impact how you enjoy spending time in your home. In the past, we've been limited in terms of quality lighting solutions.

Thanks to high-quality you'll be able to effective reimagine your home's entire light concerns. These divers lights can be used either as a main light source for any room, or simply to create a unique aesthetic style. If you want to make your ceiling stand out, for example, or you want dark wallpaper/painted surfaces to have something to contrast with, cove lighting is perfect for you.

What is Cove Lighting?
Coving lights are a powerful lighting solution, which can provide high quantities of warm light in any room. However, they can also be used to create more muted light options as required. They are a thoroughly modern kind of light, relying on sleek lines and subtlety rather than taking up a great deal of space throughout your home.

Cove lighting is a form of comfortable and indirect lighting which is installed either:
  • High on the walls of a room.
  • Directly onto ledges, recesses or valences.
Rather than sending light directly throughout the room, coving lights send the illumination right up towards the ceiling before it is directed down towards the centre of the room. This is a lighting solution which causes less eye strain than any other and is ideal for creating atmospheric rooms throughout your home.

As a bonus, this style of lighting can also be used to hide ugly and unsightly fixtures on the wall or ceiling without compromising in quality lighting. That gives you the opportunity to effectively reimagine your living spaces to ignore unpleasant design features that you may not otherwise be able to cover.

Using Cove Lighting in Your Home
Cove lighting is useful in all areas of your home. It can be used in any physical space to create whatever atmosphere you require, either as a standalone solution or as a complementary feature for
an existing design.

Effective Cove Lighting in Your Living Room
Living rooms are the spaces where you'll spend a great deal of your time. Here, you'll entertain guests, friends and family and curl up to watch movies in your pyjamas. As it is such a diverse space, it is important that you have diverse and versatile lights too. Cove lighting is, for the most part, best kept subtle in the living room.

In-built LEDs in the ceiling can provide brighter lighting for when you are entertaining, but as soon as your guests are gone, you'll be able to turn them off and rely on coving lights instead. They can help to create a warm, comfortable and stunning area which is perfect to relax in after a long day's work.

For darker living room designs, coving lights can also be used to create a stunning contrast between the wallpaper and the ceiling. This can prevent the space from becoming too dark.

Using Cove Lighting in Bathrooms
More and more bathrooms are being design in the modern style, whatever the rest of the house looks like. Cove lighting is ideal for the smooth, clean and uncluttered lines of a modern bathroom. Whether the bathroom has been designed with neutral or bold colours, you can choose the perfect lighting solution for your colour scheme.

In many cases, because bathrooms are some of the smallest buildings in the home, well-installed cove lighting can be enough to effectively light the entire room.

Muted Lighting in your Bedroom
Ideally, you want your bedroom lighting to be muted and subtle. Bright lighting in this space can wake you up when you're trying to go to sleep and make you wake up from your sleep too quickly and aggressively. By including cove lighting in your bedroom, you'll be able to create a truly relaxing and welcoming space.

It can be useful to equip your bedroom with a beside lamp to allow for reading or even as just a source of concentrated light. It is possible that coving lights can work as the primary light source in your bedroom as it can help to prevent eyestrain, from direct lighting.

Choose Cove Lighting to Reimagine Your Home's Lighting Solutions
If you're looking for high-quality lighting options which are suitable for all kinds of environments in your home, then cove lighting could be the perfect choice for you. This thoroughly modern lighting style can make a real difference to your property's style. If you're looking for a great way to create a truly welcoming space which is ideal for both entertaining and relaxing in front of the TV, then choosing a solution like coving lights is ideal.

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