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I'm sure everyone has heard the saying "Fail to Prepare - Prepare to Fail". Swift Removals of Gloucestershire are here to help you prepare for your upcoming house removal with our UK Removals to do List! If you have everything on this list planned before your big more the transition to your new home will be a smooth one.
  • Make a list of all household bills. Providers should be contacted and notified of your house move. Make sure they can continue to supply you at your new home. If not you need to arrange a new supplier. Make sure all bills are fully paid before your move.
  • If you are renting, you have to give notice to your landlord to end your tenancy. Check your tenancy agreement and make sure you know the detail around ending your tenancy agreement, any potential financial obligations and notice period required.
  • Start tidying and de-cluttering your current home. Sell, donate, recycle or dispose of anything you don't need. The less you have to move the easier and cheaper it will be for your removal.
  • Pick and make contact with removals companies. Compare quotes and speak to them about providing boxes, storage and anything else you need during your removal. If they do not provide boxes or storage, then plan for this.
  • Ask in advance about the removals vehicle. This could be a van or potentially a large HGV. You should seek special permissions in restricted parking areas and give your neighbours advance notice of any potential inconvenience on your removals day.
  • Arrange your mail redirection with Royal Mail (Google "royal mail mail redirection").
  • Take time to think about all companies that send bills/mail to your address that need to know about your move. Inform your local council, HMRC, insurance companies, banks, financial services, TV licensing, water company and any others that need to know that you are changing address. Give them notice at least a month in advance of your move.
  • If required purchase removals insurance to cover your belongings during the move. If your removals company provides insurance for your belongings check the detail of the cover to decide if you require anything extra.
  • Plan your move to a GP in your new location and let your current surgery know.
  • If you have children plan for their school move to your new location. Check the process to make sure all necessary records are exchanged.
  • Measure access points at your new home to ensure all furniture is able to be moved.
  • Pack a box of essentials for your first 48 hours in your new home.
  • Plan to prep your freezer for your move. It should be fully defrosted and deep cleaned!
  • Label all boxes clearly per room and contents. Especially mark fragile boxes.
  • Book end of tenancy cleaning services or write a checklist and carry our a deep clean of your property.
  • Arrange key exchange - liaise with removals company about any final detail around dates and exact timings.
  • As you leave make final checks, leave any keys displayed/labelled, take meter readings and take pictures of final leaving condition.
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