Should You Use Stucco for Your Next Home Improvement Project?

Stucco is a great siding/cladding material for a number of reasons. Let's look at the most compelling reasons why Stucco is as popular as ever for a cladding material, as well as what's new today in terms of Stucco products and services.

It's a fantastic insulator
Regardless of what the mercury reads outside, Stucco acts as a great barrier between indoors and outdoors, and helps maintain the indoor temperature. This is why Stucco is especially popular in the south west of the US where it can be extremely hot in the summer months. This will help you saving on your heating and cooling utility bills.

Stucco looks great
It has that smooth finish to it that gives your home a timeless, elegant finish to it. In that sense, Stucco simply can't "go out of style" - it's not a garish or controversial design choice - it gives a property a refined, polished look to it that few would ever find jarring or unappealing.

What's new for Stucco?
The new "style" of Stucco is Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems (EIFS). This new system offers even greater insulation and is less likely to crack. Having said that, it can be vulnerable to high impact damage.

Stucco cladding is only as good as the labourers applying it
You can't just throw stucco on a wall and "let it do its magic". Stucco's benefits are only enjoyed if it's applied properly to a property. That's why you need to really grill your prospective builders as to their skills and experience. A great stucco finish is a blend of fine materials and craftsmanship. No more, no less.

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