Some Tips For Finding an Electrician

The most important factor is choosing a licensed electrician - this will enable them to carry out work in your home safely, which will result in less likelihood of any damage occurring. Having said that, some electricians may have certificates stating they are 'licensed" but this does not mean they are actually are. Don't take their claims at face value. This is why it's essential you ask for references from people they have worked for before. This can be done in person, by phone or online. Before you contact your chosen electrician, it is a good idea to spend some time on the internet looking for reviews. Many people like to give their experiences online, and you should find plenty of reviews online where other homeowners are expressing their thoughts on different contractors and their services. Make sure that what you read is realistic and what the electrician has actually done (it's good to read reviews of jobs that are similar to the proposed job that will be carried out on your home).

Ask friends and family if they have used any electrical contractors recently, and ask whether they were happy with the services provided. If you are not satisfied, always ask for further information - you need someone who you feel comfortable employing.

Once you have chosen your preferred electrician, ask them to visit your home for an assessment. They will assess your property and give you a quotation for the proposed work that needs to be done. If the electrician suggests the job is going to be a lot bigger than anticipated (e.g. a rewiring of the entire property), then it's always good to get a second opinion. They may well be right, but a second (or even third) opinion can back that up.

It's a good idea to check that your chosen electrician has what is known as "electricians" public liability insurance" - this protects you financially if any problem arises that they have caused.

It's also good to find someone local. If they need to do any further repairs, they're not far away and can get to your property much faster than someone who's in a different town or county.

Finally you should take into account whether the electrician is giving you a fixed price quote or an hourly quote. If you receive a quote for an hourly rate, you don't know how much the final bill could be. This leaves you taking more of a risk than if you receive a fixed price quote.

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