Some Tips on How to Reduce Stress When Moving Home

Moving house is infamously known for being one of the most stressful life events. It's understandable - it's potentially a LOT of work. It's not just the moving of furniture - you have to update all your documentation, maybe put your children in a new school, hope your new neighbours will be OK, and hope that the sale of your current home goes through or if your mortgage is approved. There's a lot of things to worry about. So, how can we minimise this stress? One specific area we will look at in this article is the actual move to prepare, pack and execute it to help make it as easy as it can be.

One important issue that you have to plan for is how you're going to pack your belongings when you move to your new house. You can either ask a moving company to pack them for you or do it yourself. If you have an empty garage, you could put a lot of your boxes there (so long as it's dry and not too cold at the time of year you're moving). That way you can still move around your home without tripping over boxes, or having them block areas of the house.

Ensure these boxes are meaningfully labelled. Put the room location for each box (e.g. "Alex's bedroom") and put fragile stickers on them if there's anything fragile in there. Also, another great tip is to weigh each box. Try to make them evenly weighted if possible, and don't overload any box with too much weight. An "overweight" box can cause injuries and it just makes the move that much more difficult to execute.

Ensure the removal team have the best possible access to your property. The last thing they want to be doing is parking half way down the road because there are cars blocking a nearer spot. If you make it as easy as possible for the removal team, you make the move that much more pleasant.

Expect the unexpected: something will probably break, you might forget something, maybe you lost an item and you don't know which box it's in and you need it...these things happen. The reason I mention this is that some people let their stress bubble to the top when such an event occurs. Your priority is to get through removal day with mental fortitude...don't let the snags get the better of you. You WILL be stressed, but it's about managing that stress, and even using it to your advantage (a certain amount of stress can give you better concentration).

Spread out the workload over days. Sure, the day of the move will be busy...but on the days prior to the move date you can pack your items little by little over a number of days. If you do everything the day before the move, you're setting yourself up for exhaustion and maximum stress. Similarly, when you find yourself in your new home with all of your items in boxes, don't try to unpack everything at once. Relax, and unpack over a number of days.

There are many more factors you need to consider when you move house but these are some of the main ones. In order to make sure that everything goes smoothly, make sure you've done your homework well and you also need to make sure you have adequate resources to cope with whatever stressors come your way. This way you can rest assured that you will get through your relocation and that you won't be losing out on money or time in the process.

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