Some Tips on Moving Home

Moving home is usually stressful. HOW stressful it is depends on how well you plan, and how much you are willing to delegate the job to professionals. Let's look at some tips to help minimise that stress and make the move as smoothe as it can be

Hire professionals
First and foremost, hire a professional moving company to ensure the move goes as smoothly and as painless as it possibly can be. Professionals have the experience and eye to know how to handle fragile goods, and have their reputation to keep. Let them do the heavy lifting because you will already have enough on your plate with everything else that a property move entails.

Plan ahead, don't leave anything to the last minute
Nobody likes the process of moving home. It's one of the most stressful events in our lives. Don't add to that stress by leaving things to the last minute. Do what you need to do well in advance of the move date. Even if it means a lot of your furniture might be packaged in the days leading up to the move, so be it. Better to be too early than be flustered on the move date trying to do too much.

Consider using a move as an opportunity to declutter
Moving home is an opportunity to sell/give away a lot of your items that you no longer use. So you go from a cluttered old house, to a minimalist new house! Charities are very grateful for what you might consider "junk" - this so-called "junk" can find a new home via a charity shop.

Ensure all bills are paid in your old property and utilities notified of your move

Make sure you're not left paying bills for your old home - notify all utility companies of your move-out date. Don't forget the internet bill too!

Categorise your furniture into fragile and non-fragile
While some items are obviously fragile such as a Ming vase, many aren't so obvious. An old table might not look like much to the removal team, it might have sentimental value to you. For anything you particularly value, make sure you put a "fragile" sticker on it and package it appropriately.

Label boxes by room
Perhaps my favourite tip! This is such a simple tip, but it can save a lot of time. For every box, put the room it has to go to on it. This tip also gives you the discipline not to mix up items belonging to different rooms. This tip also gives you the strategy to unpack on a per-room basis. It really does keep things simple when you both pack and unpack.

Be aware it's stressful and don't panic

Quite often the worst aspect of stress is not knowing you are stressed! And so people can snap and get angry and not even know why...well, it's usually because stress has crept up on them, and only reveals itself when a mishap happens. Moving home is a stressful event. Just be aware that no matter what, you're probably going to be stressed on the move date. So if a vase breaks, or some other accident happens, take a deep breath and just know that you're probably already stressed and you don't want to let that stress get the better of you.

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