The Benefits of Building Upwards with Professional Builders

With the news that the UK Government is making it easier for property owners and builders to build extensions upwards, rather than outwards, many people are going to be keen to add another storey or two to their home or business. However, getting professional builders to build upwards can be even more difficult than building an extension outwards. This isn't just due to the legislation associated with these extensions, but also the practical concerns of building higher and higher.

An experienced team of builders will be able to take on any project you can think of, but it is important to know just what you're getting into. Whether you're looking to add a few compact flats to your property, or simply to give yourself a little more space in your own home, building upwards could be the solution to your property's space needs.

Why is Building Upwards a Practical Choice in the UK?
In the past, getting permission for your builders to build directly upwards has been extremely difficult. You would have to balance your building's structural integrity with your neighbour's right to light and a thousand other concerns. However, the current Housing Secretary, Sajid Javid, has said that the latest National Planning Policy Framework is intended to make it easier for builders, businesses and home owners to expand upwards on their existing properties.

This is going to be essential for cities which are running out of space to grow. Areas like Manchester, Liverpool, London and York are struggling with the amount of pressure placed on their open spaces. If property owners and in and other areas can choose to build upwards, then they will be able to take advantage of more space, offer more accommodations and reduce pressure on the city's limited space.

As the population of cities continues to rise, it can be difficult to find the space for expansion without professional builders. The old city streets are largely protected and cannot be modified to meet the property owner's needs. In the newer parts of the city, it is important that home owners and businesses can expand as they need.

What are the Benefits of Building Upwards in Cities and Towns?

There are several different advantages which building upwards in towns and cities with expert builders can provide to your property. Some of the most common advantages of building a new storey on your property can include:

Extra Space - Adding a new storey to your property gives you an entire floor of space to play with. The potential to develop these spaces is often limited when compared to a ground floor unless you get a professional team of builders and engineers to install complete heating and drainage systems.

In this new storey your builders can create all kinds of essential spaces for your home, including:
  • Bedrooms
  • Bathrooms
  • Storage Spaces
Adds Value to Your Property
Homes with more space, especially if all heating and drainage systems are already installed, can be worth a lot more than those properties without this added space. If you choose to ask your builders to add a new bedroom to your property, for example, you could drastically increase the value when it comes to selling.

Can Actually Save Money?

Although you'd think that building upwards would cost more than outwards, this can be untrue. As any builders will tell you, laying foundations, conducting engineering work and even expanding the roof itself can quickly cause project costs to spiral out of control. When it comes to building upwards rather than outwards, you can avoid a wide range of costs, allowing your builders to focus on making your home a more comfortable and practical space.

Keep Your Property's Garden
If your property has a large garden space, then getting your builders to work outwards can cause the garden to disappear. This can drastically reduce the value of your home, particularly to families. If you choose to build upwards, you'll be able to keep your garden space and provide additional rooms in your home.

Roof Extensions for Homes Across the UK
Roof extensions are a practical choice for many buildings. This is true for both businesses and domestic properties. In addition to building upwards to create new storeys, in many cases there is also the benefit of simple roof extensions to achieve more space. Expert builders can create roof extensions which are:
  • Flat Roof Extensions
  • Pitched Roof Extensions
These are often the best options for smaller structures, especially when attempting to create a roof extension on another of your building's feature. If you're looking to create a quick extension over your garage or conservatory, then expert builders will tell you that roof extensions are a great option. They are a great choice for extending an existing floor above a lower floor if you don't want to build upwards.

Your Neighbours" Right to Light
Although the incoming National Planning Policy Framework does make it easier for homes and businesses to create upwards extensions, there are still things that you need to take into consideration. For example, your neighbours still have a reasonable right to light. As any expert builders will tell you, this means that you cannot build extensions which will deny light to your neighbours.

In most cases, this is only relevant when it blocks up a neighbour's window. However, right to light can become a problem if you are reducing the sunlight which accesses their property for a great deal of the day. If your extension plans are preventing light from entering the building, to the point that the property does not have enough light to effectively use the building, then you may have to put your extension plans on hold.

Make Sure You Work with a Professional Team of Builders and Extension Experts
An essential part of any modern-day construction project, whether its an extension or even just simple repairs, is working with a professional team of builders. Expert builders can help you to create a reliable and comfortable part of your property to enhance its value and make it a practical space for your family or your business.

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