Tips on Finding the Right Cleaner for Your Home

OK, so you need a cleaner for your home. It's a common need, and there are plenty of cleaners you can call upon. So how should you go about finding the RIGHT cleaner for your home?

Describe the job as best as you can
When looking for someone to clean your house, the most important thing is to describe your house to them, and also who lives in the house with you, and the typical "cleanups" you are faced with. It might sound strange to lay all of this out in the first instance, but it actually helps a cleaner prepare for that very first visit a lot better. Otherwise, they will turn up not knowing exactly what they will be confronted with, and there can actually be quite a big mismatch in expectations between the home owner and the cleaner. I say all of this knowing that a good cleaner should ask you for this kind of information ANYWAY, but just prepare yourself to describe the cleaner's job as best as you can.

Prioritise cleaning jobs
If you have a big house with lots of occupants (especially younger children), it can be quite a big job for a cleaner to do the job "top to bottom" each week. If you're on a tight budget, it might be an idea to streamline the job to just a few rooms, such as the kitchen, living room and dining room. That way, those rooms can be cleaned thoroughly and still the job fits within your budget. Sometimes you might find that the living room needs particular attention - maybe there's some spills on the carpet, for example. In that case, ask a cleaner up-front their full skill-set: can they clean carpet stains effectively? What about upholstery stains? If you find a good cleaner experienced in all these types of jobs, then you could assign them different jobs as and when you need them to.

Keep your house as tidy as possible
Once a cleaner has been through your home and made it shine, use that as the standard to keep to. Tell your family members too - this is how the house should be. Of course, through the week, inevitably dust will gather and some spills may occur, but we tend to ENJOY a clean home, so prolong that enjoyment by keeping it as clean as possible throughout the week.

Get advice from your cleaner
Ask your cleaner for advice about keeping your home tidy. A cleaner may recommend particular cleaning products for you to help you maintain your home inbetween their visits. They may also spot obvious issues that can easily be addressed with changes in behaviour. A simple example is to not allow a toddler to drink milk in the living room where there's upholstery and carpeting. Milk and carpets do not go well together at all. Such advice might sound obvious, but to busy families, it's not often the case until a spillage happens. It's always good to get a third party perspective on maintaining the cleanliness of your home.

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