Tree Shaping to Improve Your Landscape

Proper tree shaping can improve the overall look of the landscape and value of a property. Perhaps, you have noticed crossing, dead, decayed, hazardous, or lower branches on your trees. Maybe your trees have branches that are interfering with vehicles, people, or blocking visibility in your landscape. Storms might have even broken some limbs or some of your trees have overgrown and now risk damaging your property.

These are some of the reasons to shape your trees. Landscape trees should make your property more beautiful. They should enhance your home environment. Essentially, landscape trees are important assets that should be protected and enhanced. And proper shaping enables trees to serve their purpose more effectively.

When to Shape Your Landscape Trees
Landscape trees should be shaped or pruned during late fall or even winter. This timing is based on science. Late fall and winter are cold months. At this time, tree sap does not run. As such, pruning or shaping your trees at this time prevents stress. Additionally, most insects are dormant during the cold months. And, this is a major factor when it comes to preventing infections.

Nevertheless, trees can be pruned periodically to remove damaged or dead branches that could be threatening the safety of a property. Annual and semi-annual pruning can also be done to remove old branches while controlling the size of your trees.

Practice Proper Pruning to Shape Your Trees
It's important to know the branches of your tree that should be pruned. For instance, if your trees have branches that are rubbing against each other or crossing branches, some of them should be removed. Branches with odd angles and those growing differently should be removed. Of course, branches with a diseased look or those looking unhealthy should be removed.

And, tree branches should not just be cut. You should know the right way to cut branches without damaging your trees. Essentially, you should avoid damaging the tree trunk because that could harm your plants. Make sure that the pruned branches are no cut close to the body of the tree. Additionally, you should angle away from the tree body when cutting branches. Cut a part of the branch from the underside first before you cut the top side. This will prevent bark stripping which can damage the tree.

What's more, you should avoid over-pruning your trees. Make sure that too much canopy is not removed from your trees. That's because doing so will leave trees without adequate leaves to produce the food they need to survive.

Work with Experts
Tree shaping is an important tree care practice. It improves aesthetics, the health of trees, and the environment. However, proper tree shaping requires skills, experience, creativity, and the right tools. It's also a time-consuming exercise. That's why it should be left to the experts. Essentially, you should let professional arborists with vast hands-on experience shape your trees to improve the landscape.

Skilled and experienced arborists know how to shape trees to grow in the desired way. Working with the right arborists will make your trees grow properly to create a beautiful, unique landscape with the desired visual appeal.

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