What Value do Trees Add to Your Property?

Without a doubt, trees DO add value to your property. The vast majority of home buyers love having nature growing around their property, and a nearby tree will provide a comforting view of nature for a home-owner.

Many studies have confirmed that trees do add actual value to the property price, but I want to look at other benefits of having a tree - or trees - close to your property.

An ecosystem in your backyard

A decent sized tree will provide you with an ecosystem all of its own: birds, insects, maybe even a few squirrels. Such an ecosystem will provide you with wonderful birdsong, and the more nature you have around you, the more likely your flowers are to be located by local bees to pollinate them.

A de-stressing view

For many people, trees makes a property feel even more homely - an escape from the rat-race. It's been well established that people feel more relaxed looking at nature. Moreover, the sound of nature is also very relaxing - the sound of leaves blowing in the wind is very soothing.

Trees add privacy to your property - they block views into your garden and into your home. They also provide shade in the warmer months

The value trees give to a property is evident when we see housing estates without any trees at all. They look bare and uninspiring - even depressing. It's like an enforced separation between humans and nature. We certainly know how much we miss trees when they're not there.

Article kindly provided by ballaratarborist.com