Maybe You Need a Steam Cleaner for Your Home

For some reason, steam cleaners had escaped my attention, despite having rented properties for nearly 10 years now. While I always rely on the professionals to do all the end of tenancy cleaning, I do like to clean the property myself on a day-to-day basis. I would usually just use a vacuum cleaner and wipe surfaces with sponges/towels. Nothing too complicated. However, with each property, I would notice that the vacuum cleaner just couldn't lift the stains out of the flooring and carpets. These weren't heavy duty stains, but they were noticeable, and they would catch my letting agent's eye when she did her inspection every 3 months. I knew that the end of tenancy crew would sort those out, but it annoyed me that the letting agent noticed them, and I hate that nagging feeling that they were thinking I was some delinquent tenant, even though I was keeping on top of everything else.

The Steam Cleaner
Having seen my friend use his steam cleaner at his flat, I bought my own the same day. It's a joy to use, and it's not only lifted the stains off my flooring and carpet, but it comes with quite a few other benefits too.

Yes, it removes awkward stains
Let's get the chief benefit out of the way first: a steam cleaner will remove those otherwise-hard-to-remove stains. A steam cleaner will produce temperatures of up to 150-170 degrees, and that's enough to breakdown your typical floor stain. This is all with the aid of nothing more than tap water.

It's green and chemical-free
Given a steam cleaner is only using water, you're not going to suffer from any allergy from its usage - and while that might sound obvious, there's plenty of other cleaning products you CANNOT say that for.

A steam cleaner can combat mold, viruses, bacteria
Of course, there's no substitute for getting a professional team into your property if you want the job done properly, but a steam cleaner can remove mold, viruses and bacteria wherever the steam is applied thoroughly.

It's fast-drying
Flooring seems to dry in almost no time at all...before my eyes. Of course, carpets take a little longer, but the super-hot temperature of the steam means most of the moisture evaporates in the early stages of its use.

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