An Aerogarden Review

Starting off utilising hydroponics might be quite daunting as depending on what you would like to produce there may be a great deal of information to gain. A pain-free and simple way to begin gaining knowledge in hydroponics and trying out whether it is for you is the Aerogarden. This is a smallish device which easily sits on a work top or anywhere in the kitchen or in your house. I have mine on the top of my freezer in the utility room. Presently I am growing fresh herbs and lettuce.

The unit is supplied all equipped with lights and a water section. Seed sets are accessible from an Aerogarden retailer or your nearby hydroponics retailer. Each set displays what you can grow on the front and they vary from several lettuce types, tomatoes, herbs, peppers, Italian herbs, chillies and even more. I have cultivated tomatoes, herbs and chillies however my all time best are the herbs and lettuce being a keen cook I have found them invaluable.

So how do you get going? The equipment comes with complete instructions and seed holes which you place the seed pods from the kits in. After that it's only a matter of filling the water container to the amount highlighted inside, adding the seed pods in and turning on the lights. Everything is then completely automatic. The lights switch on and turn off automatically so you don't need to be troubled about turning lights on and off at the appropriate time for the food to grow. Nutrients essential for the various crop varieties come in the seed packs and you add one at the start when the seed pods are added in the Aerogarden and subsequently leave it alone. There are two buttons on the front of the system and these will flash to tell you when to insert more nutrients or add water, and that's it. Then you simply settle back and wait for the seeds to grow, This will be from 3 weeks based upon on what you growing. Afterwards you can consume what you require from the produce and so long as you don't cut too close to the roots they should continue to grow and you can keep collecting.

I love my Aerogarden and would certainly suggest you use it to everyone who wants to grow different crops but don't want the hassle of dirty soil and continued watering. It's excellent for apartments without gardens and for individuals who don't have the space or time to nurture produce from seed to crop. It is also a nice way to get young children to grow and eat one of their five a day. I believe Aerogarden are now producing designs specifically designed for children to increase their understanding of where food comes from in a fun way.

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