Gardening Tips for the Lazy Man

Like you and everyone else time doesn't wait for me and it also doesn't wait for your garden! Not spending the right amount of attention or care for your lawn or garden can spell disaster mid-summer for that special place on your property that should equate to peace and serenity.

If gardening makes you squeamish or if you don't think you have the free time to spend every weekend caring for plants, flowers etc? Go to your local hardware store and buy a few pounds of nice looking rocks. Dump them in the trunk of your car with a blanket underneath and have a friend help you grab the blanket on either side and scatter the rocks in heaps over your garden. Once you have deposited the rocks all you need to do is distribute them all over the very top of the garden. This will kill any plants or flowers that were living there, but if you don't have time to care for a garden, this might be your best bet.

Now you have your garden problem figured out but you still have a lawn that needs care, and you don't have time? Easy, all you have to do is go ahead and mow it once. Depending on how the summer is in your neck of the woods, you may have to water the lawn regularly to ensure that is survives the suns rays. If you do live in a dry, arid climate then I say let your lawn die! If you followed the previous step you have mowed the lawn, now the lawn is dying because too much direct sunlight and not enough water. Weeds will be popping up here and there, but don't worry, this is actually a good thing. Weeds suck the life energy from grass and other plants, in doing so they remain vibrantly green. Go through your lawn and cut them all down, leaving them in heaps where you found them.

The next step is to ask your friendly neighbor for their grass clippings, they might find this request strange, but just tell them you're really into composting. After your friendly neighbors give you all their lawns' grass clippings, late at night so that no one in your neighborhood sees you, toss the grass clippings over your dead lawn, making it look, in effect like you have a beautiful well maintained lawn! The benefits of this lazy mans approach is far reaching in that it saves you gas for you mower, saves maintenance on your mower for not using it, also it will save you money for not buying gas in the first place and will give you some extra exercise late at night!

Let's face it, lawn work is hard work. Take it easy and let your lawn fool everyone you know this summer you'll be the richer for it!

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